Of course, any of our boat trips could produce a great photo, but we’re pleased to offer some very unique opportunities for photographers.

Nature Photography Classes:

These will be led primarily by Jim Angy, who is a widely published professional with 40 years of local experience. He is also an accomplished naturalist and birder.
Classes will be scheduled during times when there are good subjects available. Most trips feature the incredible “Bird Island” Rookery and some mangrove channels. We usually leave at dawn and stay about 2 hours or leave 2 hours before sunset. These classes are on the Tourboat with plenty of room for your gear and a limited number of participants. At least a 300 mm lens is recommended.
The classes are usually geared towards beginning, long-lens nature photographers with an emphasis on composition, exposures, the fine points of natural light and catching the animals at the right time and position. An advanced amateur or pro would not be out of place though since these islands are only accessible by a long boat trip and are best shot with a local interpretive guide. We don’t cover Photoshop or advanced editing.
Call to check on upcoming classes or schedule one for your photo club or birding group. The cost is $50, plus taxes and free beverages.
Custom trips can be arranged. If you’re a fellow professional photographer, birder or tour leader, please consider leading your own trip with our pros for support; just letting us take you to the perfect spot at the right time.